My career at St. John's culminated an in-depth senior thesis in which I focused on Lucretius' De Rerum Natura. The principle goal of the thesis was to reconcile the scientific nature of the work's beginning with the political nature of its conclusion. Under the supervision of Dr. Margaret Kirby, I not only wrestled with Lucretius' perspective, but the larger question of how science informs political power and social structure.


In the fall of 2016, I also undertook the project of writing a sitcom. It follows the lives of over-educated millennials who dare to make an impact with scandal-infused art.


At the Milago I compiled years worth of disparate emails, notes, and information into one comprehensive manual. This has helped streamline the training process by effectively communicating a significant amount of information before in-person training begins.


It didn't take long after I got my 1st calligraphy pen for me to start copying entries from the dictionary into my (now) boxes of journals. From there my obsession with words developed into a dictionary collection that is ever-expanding. That passion for words and details leaves me well-disposed to edit any sort of manuscript.

I continue to sharpen my editing skills by working as Editor-in-Chief at the Texas International Law Journal.


A corporate image is about more than eye-catching logos and industry appropriate branded gifts, the image of any business is its culture. Building a successful and efficient team while maintaining humanity and dignity is a difficult task: taking the time to articulate clearly your values can change your life and your team.

Statement of values that clearly articulates the rights and obligations of a teammate.

Logo design, website design, editor, writing coach.

Experienced designer known for eye catching business cards.