At four years old my mother taught me the keys of the piano on a laminated piece of paper. With kindergarten came a keyboard and lessons from the church Organist. After ten years of classical training, I transferred to a new instructor to learn the art of improvisation. Piano consumed me during those years, and I spent the majority of my teens playing and writing music. Then in March 2007, I released my first EP—five tracks that I was delighted to record at the legendary Firehouse Studios. My song "Wheels on the Pavement" was nominated for the LA Music Awards Rock Song of the Year 2007.

Even though I redirected away from performance, music has continued to be a part of my life. At St. John's College, I was delighted to participate in the class-wide chorus and spent two years working as a TA in a music class. In addition to playing, I began to tune my own piano, and now am delighted to help others who may need tuning solutions.