Everyone has their path. Mine has been less than direct and even turbulent at times; however, I am fortunate that from waltzing in Annapolis to shearing alpacas in Texas, among Homer and Montaigne, and between the L.A. Music Awards and law school, I have lived an extraordinary life in a short time. There have been times when I was challenged, but I have risen to each obstacle. Coming of age in a time when “culture war” is splattered all over the headlines has often thrust me into public discourse about very personal issues. The practice of having deeply personal conversations about controversial topics in a civil manner has cultivated in me an openness and candor that facilitates clear and direct communication across all boundaries.

St. John's College

B.A. Philosophy; History of Math and Science, 2014; Class Chair

St. John's College in Annapolis is Alma Mater to Francis Scott Key

St. John's College in Annapolis is Alma Mater to Francis Scott Key

From math (Euclid, Elements) and science (Pascal, On the Weight of the Air) to philosophy of science (Lucretius, De Rerum Natura), and science of philosophy (Kant, Critique of Pure Reason), reading the original works of the western cannon has enriched me in a way that is difficult to describe. For not only have I been stunned with the beauty of discovery in man's perpetual wrestling match with Truth, but I have had the opportunity to trace the thoughts of  Einstein, Epictetus, and Rousseau.

University of Texas, School of Law

J.D., Expected 2020

Studying at UT Law has brought me into conversation with some of the most impressive minds in the legal world. Outside of the classroom I am proud to serve as the Editor-in-Chief for the Texas International Law Journal.

The UT Tower as seen from the LBJ Fountain.

The UT Tower as seen from the LBJ Fountain.

Texas Supreme Court

Judicial Intern, Summer 2015

Texas Supreme Court as seen from the Texas Senate Chambers.

After my first year at UT Law, I spent the summer assisting Justice Boyd and his clerks by preparing research, analysis, and a recommendation regarding a case pending before the court. Invigorated by the dusty back pages of WestLaw, I persisted on my project until every stone was overturned and strategically placed in a solid, impenetrable wall. It was a proud moment for me to stand before all nine Justices when the highest appellate court in the state unanimously endorsed my recommendation.

Dentons & Chagos Refugees Group

Legal Intern, Summer 2019

Just three months after the ICJ’s Opinion declaring that the U.K. had not properly decolonized Mauritius and was illegally exercising sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago, I went to Mauritius to work with Dentons as part of the legal team for the Chagos Refugees Group.


New York Department of State

Legal Intern, Summer 2019


In the Office of General Counsel at the New York Department of State, I had the opportunity to sharpen my skills by analyzing policy, updating regulations, and drafting a veto message for the governor. Through my work with the Department I explored the inner workings of the functions of an executive agency.